Treasure Chest Thursday: Missionary Name Badges

There are a few missionaries who identify themselves with name badges. My husband had several badges. I want to conclude his mission specific items by featuring his collection. 

Although this arrangement of photos makes it hard to tell, but the second photo has a slight change in the orientation of the badges. When viewing these on my computer, the difference is subtle enough to have make a big difference. The second photo feels like the name badges are closer together. If I wanted to crop the images, I wouldn't have to worry about them being too far apart.

The tip this week is to simply take several photos. Small adjustments can have a huge impact. And, that small difference doesn't have to matter to much to someone else. Perhaps only you know the difference. Go with the ones that you prefer. 


  1. I too like the second photo, because the way the badges are arranged makes them look more like a deliberate grouping - that there's a reason they've been placed together. Good work :)


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