Inspiring My Husband to Write a Book

When I started scanning and photographing all of my memorabilia, my husband suggested I start doing the same for his stuff. When I started writing the book 21st Century Family Historian, Andy realized personal and family history needs to change in his mind's eye as well.

In so many words, high school Andy was bored in high school AP English classes. As such, he found many ways to make the class more interesting often to his teacher's chagrin. From writing nonsensical poetry to laugh at the assignment, to having all his classmates use plethora in their class assignments, to turning in the conspiracy as to why he couldn't read Jane Eyre, my husband pushed the limits of what was accepted.

His high school friend kept of his writings and returned them one day long after he was married. Within the last year, he decided the writings would make high school English teachers laugh, challenge high school students to do their assignments with their own flair, and make a good book for our children to treasure when the grow up.

How to Fail English with Style
How to Fail English with Style
by Andrew Lee

I'm pleased to announce the release of his lighthearted view of high school English class in his eBook How to Fail English with Style.

This just goes to prove my point that if you're doing having fun doing family history, you're doing it wrong.

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