Feedback from 21st Century Family Historian

21st Century Family Historian by Devon Lee

21st Century Family Historian has been available for a week and the reception has been wonderful. I’ve enjoyed receiving the wonderful feedback from readers. Here are just a few:

“I must say, it does make family history seem more do-able and interesting.”- Angela, a professed non-doer of family history. “Also, I just labeled some photos and thought of you.”

” I found the chapter on storytelling (Chapter 25) to be very moving. It reminded me that I have a copy of my grandmother’s journal that she kept during a particular trip. In the late 50s, my grandparents loaded their 4 kids and my grandpa’s mother into a trailer and moved their family and all their worldly possessions from Wisconsin to Alaska. This was before Alaska was a state. They were some of the settlers during the period when Alaska was applying for statehood. The road through northern Canada was a dirt road at times. Sometimes there were high hills that their car couldn’t pull the trailer up, so they would have to stop and wait for hours for a big truck to come and push them up. There were few gas stations, no hotels, few restaurants or grocery stores. It took them weeks to make it to Alaska, where they settled in Anchorage and my grandfather worked for the FAA. My grandma kept a journal of this adventure. Their story as settlers is important not only to our family, but as part of the history of the statehood of Alaska. It’s only a few pages long, but with your research tips I could probably expand it.” – Kara

“I love the opening chapters which say to stay with the story between the numbers. Love the idea that maybe Family History begins with stuff! The stuff as a clue is an excellent.” – Linda

Thank you to all who have purchased this book. If you haven’t purchased your own copy to learn how to discover, organize, record, and share your family history, visit and order your copy of  21st Century Family Historian. If you want to leave feedback about this book, you can leave it here, on, or use the email included in the book specifically for my readers.

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