Remember When Mom Wore a Swimsuit to Buy a House

Personal history matters
How many people buy houses in their
Buying a house can be quite a hair-raising experience. The purchase of our new home in Texas was going along smoothly until we hit a bump in the road.

A little back story, my family moved with a relocation company which included a moving company. We scheduled our items to arrive in our new home the day after closing. We took a leisurely journey from Iowa to Houston, Texas by way of southwest Missouri and the north Dallas area. We arrived in Houston a few hours before we were scheduled to close. Our agent scheduled a walk through and most everything was as we expected. Nothing we couldn't handle or should halting closing.

Thankfully, our move brought us back to Texas where friends from college lived. They agreed to watch our five monkeys while we handled the paper work. We had dropped the kids off prior to the walk through. Then we headed over to the bank to get the cashiers check for closing. (Aside: Why are we still doing cashier's checks these days? Why can't we do electronic transfer? Just wondering.)

We were running early for closing and our kids were being well cared for. We had some free time so we headed over to a home improvement store. We thought we'd get a head start on all the things we'd planned to do to make our transition smooth. Then, we got a call. The closing was delayed. It might be pushed off until the next day.

HUGE alarm bells went off for us, all because of some rather odd problem. Out the door went the schedule after closing. Now, would we be able to have access to our house when the movers arrived bright and early the next day? Where would we sleep? A series of other questions ran through our minds, but there was nothing we really could do. Without the signed closing papers and keys to the new house, we were stuck.

Remember the time Personal history matters
My agent, the amazing Dana Olejniczak
thought this was the best closing outfit!
Rather than fret, we did what anyone would do on a hot day in Texas. We went swimming with our friends and kids! After a hour spent in the pool, we received a call that the closing was scheduled in 20-30 minutes. There was no time to get our clothes and change, so we went to the closing in our swim clothes. My realtor was laughing about the situation.

Want to know what ruffles my feathers? Well, I had gotten up early that morning to fix my hair and makeup so I could look nice in the photos that would certainly happen after closing. Now, my hair was crazy and my makeup gone.The effort was wasted! Erg.

Regardless, this story just goes to prove my point about family and personal history... if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong. As soon as I realized the humor of the moment, my husband used the camera to capture our memory. I recorded it in my blog book that I create electronically and print off at year's end. I know this will certainly be a story we'll tell again and again.

That's the point of Reimagine Family History. This book reminds you that the stories are the heart of family history. And when you capture and preserve the memories, you'll help others create a deeper connection to their heritage. Whenever hear yourself or someone else say, "Remember the time when..." you should record that story, preserve it, and share it. Order your copy of my book to learn more ways to capture your family's treasured stories.


  1. You beauty queens think that you can just wear a swimsuit ANYWHERE, don't you. (big wink!) And I'm looking at Andy, too.

    1. Ha, ha! I had tried to look good. I promise. I even teased about the fact that if it was canceled again I'd need to try evening wear!

    2. At least you didn't have to perform a talent before you were allowed to sign.

  2. LOL, how funny! At least your suit was tasteful and pretty. :-)

    1. Thanks Karen! I strive to be modest out of habit but it's hard to get something that's pretty too. This one was a keeper.


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