Treasure Chest Thursday: Two More School Medals

School should be in full swing around the United States, regardless of whether your method is public, private, charter, or home schooled. Since the last post School Medals, I found a few more school medals belonging to my husband.

School Memories
Reflections Medal
f/4, exp 1/2, bias +0.7, ISO 80
Center Weighted Average Metering
Preserving School Memories
Remember to photograph the back

These photos were again draped over a white close and photographed using natural light from the window on the left side of the object. Instead of photographing the neck ribbon, I filled the frame with the medal’s emblem. I could have done more to blur out the white background (or iron it), but a little cropping and surrounding the photograph with a great story will keep the focus off the wrinkles and on what matters most. If you’re an armature photographer, cut yourself some slack when it comes to memory preservation. It’s more important to capture the memory than to stress about the lack of perfection of an image.

Preserving Back to School Memories
Geography Medal
f/5, exp 1/3, bias +0.7, ISO 100
Center Weighted Average Metering
Preserving Back to School Memories
The inscription was hard to read even to the naked eye.

For this set up, I used a material that I had ironed more, but creases still worked their way into the camera. Ah well, that wasn’t the most important thing. I photographed this piece at night, so I used a desk lamp for my light source. I used a do-it-yourself light box and aimed the light through the tissue paper filter.

Photographing memorabilia and artifacts is an important part of family history. To learn more about this topic and others, buy my new book 21st Century Family Historian.

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