Did You Think to Save?

There’s a song I sing at church that beings something like this…

“Ere you left your room this morning,
Did you think to pray?

For me, I simply ask this…. “Did you think to save?”

Scan Your Photos
Did you scan your documents and photos?
Photograph Your Family Treasures
Have you photographed the stuff?
Photography Daily Life
Did you preserve the family recipes?
Photograph Work Memorabilia
Did you write about your father’s employment?
Love Inscribed on Bracelet
Love Inscribed on Bracelet
Did you write about the love story of your parents, or you?
Did you record the stories told at family gatherings?

This month is Family History Month… each day ask yourself, what you have you done to preserve your family history.

5 thoughts on “Did You Think to Save?

  1. Thanks Ann. Having lost both of my parents and the last of my grandparents in my 30s, we can't wait til we 'have time'. And some of these things are so simple to do, but every genealogist could use help with it. I hope more people will help push the wagon by doing the small and simple things like preserving the photos, records, and stuff.

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