Treasure Chest Thursday: Another Coin with Different Lighting

Here's another comparisson of the same coin under different lighting conditions, much like the previous Treasure Chest Thursday post. The first example is using a black backdrop, artifical light and a light box. The second using a white backdrop, natural light, and a white reflector.

Apollo Coin
f/3.5, exp 1/8, ISO 80
Pattern Metering

Apollo Coin
f/4, exp 1/2, bias +0.7, ISO 80
Center Weighted Average Metering

Which one is better for your project? That's a matter of personal preference. Having fun photographing the stuff of your families' lives.


  1. What a difference in the two techniques.

    1. Thanks Wendy! My photographer buddy told me the best way to take a good photograph is to just play. This is part of playing


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