Photo Friday: So Frustrated With Camera

Great photo from simple camera
Favorite photo taken using my PowerShot SX100IS
Last year, the camera that has captured much of what I have shared in my Treasure Chest Thursday posts stopped working. The lens just wouldn't open any longer. I can hear the tragic, "wa, wa, wah" as I recall the day I knew I needed a new camera.

My Canon PowerShot SX100IS was such a good little camera. It gave me enough freedom to learn the manual settings but had great shooting modes when I just wanted the camera to do all the work. The quality of the photos were an up grade from a point and shoot camera and the speed of taking photos was good enough for me.

I attempted to research a new camera and upgrade from what I had. I purchased the Canon SX 50 and I have been greatly disappointed basically since I opened the box. I thought I'd eventually learn the camera and I wouldn't have buyer's remorse; however, the more I used the camera the more frustrated I became. When it came time to photograph my treasure, I knew I had made a terrible purchase. This is not the kind of camera that does small object photography well. It also wasn't fast enough to photograph my kids either. Precious memories were filled with blurry photos more often than not. I essentially stopped taking many photos.

Best I could get with the Canon SX 50.
It's really blurry in full size. Some photos are much worse.
I know many people say you can take great photos no matter the camera you get. It's really the photographer. To an extent, I agree. My gut said this camera was not a good fit for my needs. That thought was confirmed when I took the camera to the pro shop in town. They said I had the wrong camera. My research was flawed somehow when the camera I purchased was recommended for what I wanted to do. There was no way around it.

Now the decision has to be made. Find something truly similar to the old SX100 or completely upgrade to a dSLR. I have been hesitant to upgrade to a dSLR because of the price and not truly knowing all the manual settings. I suppose it's time to learn.

So, I'm hoping to find a camera that fits my needs. I want to get back into photographing my personal history and the treasures of my ancestors. The challenge is I need to get familiar with this camera before a spring trip to Disney World. Let's just say, I'm going to be putting Treasure Chest Thursday on hold for awhile until a new camera purchase is made.

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