Heritage Scrapbooking: Use Journaling From the Past

Scrapbook pages without journaling are pretty photo album pages. However, journaling is regularly very difficult for most people, let alone folks who create scrapbooks. If you are working on a heritage scrapbook, try this trick. Use the journaling of someone else, especially of someone else at the time of the event.

Left side of portrait layout
Right side of portrait layout
Credits: Change is Good kit by Amber Shaw

My baby album was so helpful when I crafted my early years scrapbook. My mother is deceased and I have no memories of my earliest years. My journaling would be extremely limited. However, Mom kept a fairly detailed baby book. I scanned the stories she recorded in the book. Who better to tell the story of my first birthday, than mom. An added benefit to this trick, you preserve the handwriting of your loved one. I may have teased my mother about her handwriting when I was younger saying it was hard to ready because it was so fancy. However, I do recognize her script whenever I look at a variety of documents.

So, share the journaling job by using some historical pieces in your projects.

Note: This page was created digitally so that I could size mother's handwriting to the space I preferred. If you're creating a paper scrapbook, scan your original documents and print them out to the size you want.


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