Thankful Thursday: Transcription and Photo Identification

I have had two things in my family files for a long time:

George Schneitzer, photographed in Columbus, Ohio
George Schneitzer, photographed in Columbus, Ohio

This image from my 2nd Great Granmother Magdalena (Hoppe) Geiszler’s photo album.  And this copy of the baptism of my Great Grandfather George Joseph Geiszler as recorded in the German Methodist and Episcopal Church from Franklin County, Ohio.

Baptism of George Joseph Geiszler of Columbus, Franklin, Ohio
Baptism of George Joseph Geiszler of Columbus, Franklin, Ohio

I wanted to add this image to for George Geiszler’s Memory page; however, I realized that I really wanted to know what this image says. There are amazing folks who seem to enjoy transcribing records. I posted this image with a request for the actual written words on the page and what it would mean in English. Within hours, someone responded to my query on Facebook. I am SO grateful for this service. I always try to not abuse the gift.

Here’s what the record says:

Georg? gebor. d. 8 ten Juny 1885. Sohn von
Heinrich und Magdalehna geborn. Hoppe
wurde getauft den 19.ten July 1885.
durch J. Rothweiler
Zeugen Eltern u.
George Schnitzer

Here’s  the partial translation:

Georg? gebor. d. 8 ten Juny 1885 son of
Geborn Heinrich and Magdalehna. Hoppe
was baptized the 19.ten July 1885.
by J. Rothweiler
Witness parents u.
George Schnitzer

Do you see the connection of the photo and the record? George Schnitzer witnessed the baptism of George Joseph Geiszler. I am excited to see this connection. Now I need to learn more about what it means to be a witness to a baptism (is this a God Parent situation). Additionally, I now that George played a role in Henry and Maggie’s life. He’s possibly from the Columbus area. I’m excited to learn more.

I’m so thankful that we have such a great community that wants to help each other. I talk about the beauty of collaboration in my book 21st Century Family Historian. I now have yet another example to add to my chapter.


4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Transcription and Photo Identification

  1. I still have more to research for George Schneitzer. I hope he's family or provides insight into something else that is awesome. Thanks for telling me about your finds.

  2. Witnesses were usually family members, and the German custom seems to have been to name the child after the witness. Based on that little tidbit, I believe I have figured out the parents of my 3X great-grandmother whose anglicized name is the same as the name of the witness who was likely her aunt.

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