Genealogy Conference Recap

Whew! It's is finished. Months of planning and the Summerwood Family History Conference is in the bag. I know I need to take time to recoup from the wonderful experience of having over a hundred people meet together on a Saturday to learn about how to begin or continue their research into their ancestors.

A Successful Conference!

I have learned so much being a co-chair for the conference and hope to find time to write them all down for the next chairperson. With the conference behind me, I can now focus on helping more people dive into family history, work on my own personal and family history projects, and give more time to my family.

I love my husband who was my biggest support through everything. From helping me map out a plan, helping me focus on what matters most, and teaching classes, he was a rock of a man and I'm so blessed to be his wife. My daughter also participated in the conference, sharing a few ideas about her scrapbooking journey. I'm so proud of her for so doing. Finally, I have a dynamite mother-in-law who came into town to watch my other four kiddos so my hubby and I could focus on the conference and not worry about childcare. The kids adore their Nana and she's great at spoiling them the 'right way.'

I'm ready for a good nights sleep that is free of worry about whether people would come after the conference was planned. There were hiccups but there were many things that went so right. I pray God will help those who came to the conference feel an increase in love for their ancestors and find more time and success on their genealogy journey.

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