Fabulous Find: Her Ancestor Served with Swamp Fox!

Have you discovered Colleen G. (Brown) Pasquale’s blog?

From her About Me page she says:

“If you see a lady with a camera around her neck, notebook in hand & cassette recorder in her pocket, that’s me.

I am the person in the family who pesters everyone for family stories, memorabilia and photos. I love genealogy, photography, quilting & mostly, my family!”

I laughed when I imagined the lovely blonde retired elementary school teacher with a camera around her neck pestering her relatives for family stories. Kindred spirits are we!

Walt Disney Swamp Fox ad from snipview.com

Recently she posted about her connection to Swamp Fox. I loved when she said of her discovery, “Suddenly my family was excited about this ancestor & his service. We all remembered learning about the Swamp Fox & watching his tale being told on the ‘Wonderful World of Disney’ when we were children.”

I can only imagine how cool this connection would be. Most of my relatives have little connection to the famous, so I’ll just say I have a friend who had an ancestor who fought with the Robin Hood of the American Revolution.

Go check out Colleen’s blog.

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