Fabulous Find: Her Ancestor Served with Swamp Fox!

Have you discovered Colleen G. (Brown) Pasquale's blog? 

From her About Me page she says:
"If you see a lady with a camera around her neck, notebook in hand & cassette recorder in her pocket, that's me.  
I am the person in the family who pesters everyone for family stories, memorabilia and photos. I love genealogy, photography, quilting & mostly, my family!"
I laughed when I imagined the lovely blonde retired elementary school teacher with a camera around her neck pestering her relatives for family stories. Kindred spirits are we!

Walt Disney Swamp Fox ad from snipview.com

Recently she posted about her connection to Swamp Fox. I loved when she said of her discovery, "Suddenly my family was excited about this ancestor & his service. We all remembered learning about the Swamp Fox & watching his tale being told on the ‘Wonderful World of Disney’ when we were children."

I can only imagine how cool this connection would be. Most of my relatives have little connection to the famous, so I'll just say I have a friend who had an ancestor who fought with the Robin Hood of the American Revolution.

Go check out Colleen's blog.


  1. Great post and I've been following Colleen for some time--always enjoying what she has to say. Glad you're introducing her to an even wider audience!

    1. You're welcome. I love shining the spot light on those who inspire me.


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