Narrative Project: Did You Start?

These past few months I have shared with you simple steps to transform your names, dates, and places into stories. Much like the recipe to making a cake, I demonstrated the steps to expand a family history chart into a paragraph.

Narrative Family History Step One


The hardest part of writing your family’s story is getting started. Many individuals will walk you through a number of writing processes. For many folks, these are great workshops and delightful tips. For many others, the tips still evoke a sense of dread.

I hope you’ll review the basic steps I’ve shared with you which include the following posts.

I’d like to share more but my time is more limited and I need to turn my attention to finishing my family narratives.  Please use the comment forms below to let me know how your story writing adventure is coming along. Perhaps one of you would like to include a sample of your efforts, based on my tips, as a guest post. If that interests you, visit me on my Facebook page or Twitter Account.  Or you can use the contact form on the side navigation bar!

While working on the next draft, I might stumble upon a few more things that I can share with you. I do hope you’ll get started knowing it is easier than you ever thought possible.

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