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Tech Tuesday: Working with Ancestry and Family Search This Morning

Thoughts after playing with genealogy this morning.

Ancestry.com: Thumbs up for having a list of hints so I can find people to work on rather than staring at a tree and saying, "where do I start?"

Ancestry.com: Thumbs down for 'new view' not having a link to the FamilySearch website for LDS accounts. Makes transferring information too difficult. Thumbs down for crashing while I was comparing person profiles and wanting to transfer information between the two sites.

FamilySearch.org: Thumbs down for not having a compiled 'hint' page on the main page or the upper menu bar to direct me to the hints on person profiles.

FamilySearch.org: Thumbs up for pestering me to documenting why I make the changes that I do.

All in all, I discovered two children and a wife of the husband of a great aunt. They were in the FamilySearch system as floating families but now they are linked into a main branch. Did I 'find' new names? Nope. But I did clean up the tree a bit.

I LOVE Twisted Twigs on Gnarled Branches by the way

HISTORY: Thumbs down for the burning of the 1890 census. Oh how often I bump into the need for this record set to help me understand the stories of ancestors.

What Thumb up/down ratings would you give these sites from your recent research attempts?

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