What would you say to someone who says the work has all been done?

Family Tree Scrapbook page.

Last night, I was granted access to someone’s tree prior to our meeting to discuss where she could start. I have often said that if you think you’re tree is all done, think again. Last night, I bumped into a tree that for a beginner’s perspective has been all done.

The woman’s great-grandfathers had all been Mormon Pioneers and the vast majority of them had immigrated from Sweden. The tree on FamilySearch.org was full of names, dates, places, sources, and photos.  I went back to a great-grandfather and looked at descendant the descendant view. I found nearly every person on the tree with photos and sources, but a few sources that had been overlooked or newly placed on FamliySearch since the family historian last logged in.

I have some thoughts on what to tell this woman, but I’ll put the question before you. This woman wants to follow the counsel given at RootsTech in 2015 to “Find, Take, and Teach.” Given the  full, sourced nature of her tree, I have this question.

What would you say to a person whose family tree is full
and looks like it has all been done?

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I will share a few of my thoughts and the best of my readers comments in an upcoming post.

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