Are your related to the Gusslers?

I received a lovely email from Marcia Barnes as she stumbled upon my website and my Geiszler family lines. It reads:
"Gussler is my ancestry. We might be related. I have hit a brick wall, my  great  great great grandfather reason was  raised by a family in Larue County KY. I think I have found his father but not for sure....  Name changed from Gussler to Gusler due to become angry due to fighting in Civil war. Father upset with son and side he fought on. Does any of this sound like a story you have heard  in your research.Are you related to any of the Gusslers who brothers came to US in 1700. "

'Are we related?' is a great question to which I do not believe I have the full answer.

According to the Franklin County Clerk of Superior Court (in Ohio), Joseph Keizler was admitted to Citizenship of the United States of America in 1858. Joseph was a native of Baden, Germany. The record was certified on 11 Oct 1858.

Joseph Keizler is believed to be Geißler as the naturalization certificate was passed down through the family and all remaining family records indicate the last name is some variation of Geißler.

As such, researching Joseph Geißler, I have only discovered that he married in Columbus, Ohio in 1856 and before that he does not seem to be in Ohio, thus he would have been in Baden or en route to Ohio.

Joseph does not seem to have immigrated to Ohio with other family members. As such, it's very difficult for me to know what his relations are prior to 1856. It's possible that he's related to the Gusslers but it would not be a direct link because Joseph came in the 1850s from Baden rather than the 1700s. However, with the Gussler family living in Kentucky, perhaps they sent letters home talking about the Western frontier in Kentucky and Ohio and the large German population in Columbus and Cincinnati and thus Joseph decided to come over. Once again, the time line seems about a generation or two too far removed.

However, there is the Civil War piece of the puzzle with a family feud and changing the family name. Once again, it's possible that Geißler  is related, however, why would he have naturalization papers if he was living in Kentucky? Seems like that was unlikely.

So am I related to the Gusslers in Kentucky? At this time, I am inclined to so it's inconclusive.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting possibility. Good luck getting to the truth.


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