Heritage Scrapbooking: Collage With A Purpose

Remember back in the hey day of modern paper scrapbooking when the “Creative Memories” philosophy was king?

Cut your photos into pleasing shapes and add stickers and die-cut shapes to a layout and you’ll have your memories preserved forever. 

Although the company was big on preservation, they forgot one little detail. When you start chopping your original photos up, you’re stuck with those shapes FOR-EVER! I can’t turn back time and fix the shapes of my photos, but I can redo a scrapbook page to make the mistakes less of a problem.

The other downside to their collage method was the lack of emphasis on the story that goes with the photos. Why spend so much money on decorative items if your photos are not going to have a story? I’d love to say that modern scrapbooking has evolved to the point that folks remember the importance of the story, but if you look in scrapbook galleries online, you’ll see an emphasis on products, a picture or two (though square or rectangle) and little to no journaling.

That’s why I LOVE this scrapbook page. I have taken my chopped up photos and used the collage method from by gone days of scrapbooking. I have balanced the photos with product to take your eyes off the permanent oval-ish shapes.

The most important part of this layout is the journaling. Nearly 1/4 of the page is journaling. I used an oval shape to tie the oval-like shaped photos together but I made it the largest shape on the page. These photos individually do not tell a strong story and my memories are few. However, together, they paint a picture of me at the age of 3 in the 1970s.

If you created collages of your photos, you can overcome your bad judgement moments by creating a collage with a purpose!

Share your CM horror stories in the comments section below, or share your tips for overcoming poorly cut photos. We can all commiserate together.


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