Now Appearing At America’s Footprints!

America's Footprints

My goal of inspiring others to capture and preserve their family history is expanding. America’s extended an invitation for me to be a guest blogger focusing on capturing your life story!

“We first discovered Devon Lee through the Google+ Family History Writers community,” says Joe Fiduccia, owner and founder of America’s Footprints. “When we decided to review her blog one day, her bio was actually the first thing that caught our attention.  In her bio, Devon commented about her ancestors and how her children won’t know much about them.  She went on to say she will now do whatever she can to preserve the history she uncovers (and creates)…for the sake of keeping her family’s story alive.”

At, they aim to give people an opportunity to do the same exact thing – keeping their stories alive for the future generations of their family. is designed for one main purpose – “preservation”.  We give people an opportunity to preserve their very own Footprint, which is a digital profile that allows you to begin storing the milestone moments and the biggest memories in your journey through life.   Keeping everything private until you are ready, this digital Footprint becomes a single page about your life story that ultimately gets passed down to your children and grandchildren, helping to keep your story alive for the future generations of your family to one day uncover.

Joe said that when they found me clearly understanding the true value of preserving family history, they wanted me to join their blogging team to share my similar passion on their blog.

I was so touched with this offer and I look forward to sharing personal stories and tips on the blog monthly. Be sure to subscribe to the America’s Footprints blog in your feed reader to capture other uplifting stories that are curated from around the country.

I’ll share portions of my guest posts here and then you’ll be directed to read the full story there! This is an amazing opportunity to reach more people and I pray that I’ll be of service to them.

If you have any questions or suggestion about personal history preservation, feel free ask through the comments section below or with my email in the side menu bar!

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