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70s Theme Scrapbook Layouts

That 70’s Show attempted to portray the lives of teenagers to a semi-modern audience. My early years occurred during the time period noted for butterfly colors, bell bottoms pants, bright and loud patterns, and disco but without the Ashton Kutcher. The photos from that era do not reflect the trends. Many photos have a reddish-orange or green cast to them which makes coordinating scrapbook color schemes a CHAL-LENGE!

Since the 70s, people have done a poor job of caring for their original photos. In fact, many of us chopped up our photos to make collages to decorate art projects, our bedrooms, and in scrapbooks. These photos can not be restored as most of the negatives that produced the original photos are also lost to time. Additionally, many photos were not well cared for, making restorative work very difficult and cost prohibitive. So what can you do?


Retro Themed Scrapbook Layout
70’s scrapbook Cover Page: Book of Me project


Despite these challenges, I forged ahead to create a scrapbook that reflected my story which is part of my family history. My children will come to treasure this keepsake that I created, or at least I’ll enjoy the memories I was able to curate! Take a look back at some of the layouts that are in this project.

Click on the images to see the products I used on the layouts and to learn more about each page design’s challenge.

Retro Wedding Scrapbook Page
Celebrating My Parents!


70s Themed Baby Scrapbook Layout
Retro Baby Girl Layout:


70s Color Scheme Scrabpook Layout Boys
Home from the Hospital


70s Color Scheme Scrabpook Layout Boys
Boy Themed Layout in Girl Scrapbook?


Baby Blessing Layout


Traditional Baby Layout Color Scheme
Traditional Baby Layout Color Scheme


Layout with No Design Required!


Should I Enhance the Photos?


Retro Toddler Scrapbook Layout
Toddlerhood in the 70s


Retro Toddler Scrapbook Layout
Using Mom’s Journaling in My Book


70s Birthday Party Layout


Let Mom Do the Journaling


Retro Christmas Scrapbook Layout
Retro Christmas Layout


Retro Christmas Scrapbook Layout
Playing with Holiday Color Scheme


Scrapbooking a Funeral
Including Life Events


Scrapbooking a Funeral
Grandpa Lew’s Funeral Layout


Texas Themed Scrapbook Layout
Including Transitions


Retro Scrapbook Layout About Moving
Scrapbooking a Move


Bold Accents


Bold Layout


70s Retro Scrapbook Layout
Tell Meaningful Stories


70s Collage Scrapbook Layout
Collages are Cool!


So what are you waiting for? If I can make a heritage scrapbook about myself, you can do it. All of these pages were created using Photoshop Elements and then printed at (These are not affiliate links, though I might look into that in the future!)

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