The Work Goes Faster With Two

Capturing Family Memories
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Capture. Preserve. Two words that for many are easier said than done. However, those words are more valuable to many than a mountain of money. How can you capture and preserve your personal and family history?

Part of the problem with memory keeping is that we try to do it in big chunks when we 'remember' to. How sad! Just as sap comes out of a maple tree one drop at a time until a bucket is full, some of the best moments happen in flash but are soon forgotten. If we do not capture them bit by bit, then our bucket does not fill.
When my eldest daughter was three, she taught me a profound lesson. "The work goes faster with two."

Read  the rest of my guest post entitled "Capture the Moments a Story at a Time" at America's Footprints.


  1. I read the whole post... love it! Thanks for the reminder, and for sharing these precious stories. I will try to do better, day by day!

    1. Thanks for the support Dana! A little bit on a regular basis is the key! You can do it.


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