Get Your PhD Before You Mrs

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Capturing the true character of a person can be difficult with simple descriptive words. Describing  their physical features and mentioning where they are from, may paint a visual picture of a person but the individual remains one dimensional.  If I reference phrases they often repeatedly, the person has more depth.

Anyone could report the news every night, but when Walter Cronkite closed his broadcasts with “And that’s the way it is,” you knew that was the summation of the daily news. When Jeff Probst ended the Survivor tribal councils with “The tribe has spoken,” you knew he was the man who ended the journey for adventures competing for fame and fortune in a remote location.
Hearing these phrases, in others settings, paints a picture of the person who originally used it and the emotions associated with words. When someone else spouts off the phrase, you understand what the second person values and is trying to convey.
My father was not on television but he had his own ‘-ism’ when I was growing up.

“Get your PhD before your Mrs”

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