Making Plans for Texas State Genealogy Conference

My darling hubby and kiddos are making room in our schedule for me to attend the Texas State Genealogy Conference scheduled for Oct 31-Nov 1 in Austin, Texas. The event will be held at the Crowne Plaza Austin and is targeted towards genealogists and family historians of all skill sets.

Texas State Genealogy Society Conference

After reviewing the class schedule, I will be attending Friday and Saturday and then attempting a hasty drive back home to help our family celebrate Halloween as a superhero troop. (Can you guess who I’m going to dress up as? Do you think she should appear at the conference?) 

We’ll be treated to key note addresses by Lisa Louise Cooke and J. Mark Lowe. I’m familiar with Lisa from the Genealogy Gems Podcast, so she will likely be an enjoyable presenter. I know little about J Mark, so we’ll see how his presentations go. Stay tuned!

There will be 14 different tracks including Genealogy for Beginners, DNA, African-American Research, Courthouse Records & Records Loss, Adoption, Hispanic Research, Methodology, Libraries & Repositories, Historical Context, Societies & Communities, and Digital Genealogy.

I have selected a number of classes from these topics, but sadly with a good chunk of the conference taking place on Sunday, I’ll miss some I’m interested in. After looking over the class list, I’m most interested in these classes:

Schelly Talalay Dardashti, A Place in Space: Preserving Memories Online
Sharon Wolff, Genealogy Detective: Tracking down those elusive ancestors
Deena Coutant, Communicating on a Shoestring Budget: Cost-Effective Solutions for Societies
Diahan Southard, What now? Your Next Steps With Autosomal DNA Testing

I’m stumped with one Friday class block:

  • Janice Lovelace, Getting Started in African American Genealogy
  • Randy Whited, SWOT Analysis for your Society
  • Sara Gredler, Organizing Your Genealogy Digitally

I don’t have African Americans in my background, but as I continue to help people from various backgrounds, perhaps this class will be interesting. It’s gears towards beginners and I think I’m beyond that stage. Would I really learn something new?

Organization is an ever evolving process. Plus, I might learn something that answers questions my readers have.

Finally, though I’m not in a leadership position in a genealogical society, I do serve on a family history conference planning committee and will be working to do community outreach. Perhaps this class would be the most beneficial, even if my goals do not line up exactly with the presenter’s objectives.

What do you think?

I’m stumped on a Saturday class block

  • Colleen Greene, An Introduction to Researching Your Mexican Ancestors
  • Kelvin L. Meyers, Can a Dead Man Sign a Deed?

Again, the first class intrigues me because I have a number of individuals with Mexican Ancestry that I have as family members (a sister-in-law) or friends who need help in this area.

However, I don’t know much about deeds and whether dead men could sign one.

What would you suggest? 

As you can see, there are a lot of things to interest anyone in Texas to take a trip to Austin for this genealogy conference. The website says this:

 “Take advantage of the special early-bird price of $130 for a full 3-day pass including lunches on both Saturday and Sunday. This price is only available through October 10, 2015. Attend only Friday for $50 or only Saturday or Sunday for $80.

Visit the TSGS Conference page at for details including a link to the conference hotel.

If you plan on attending, let me know so we can meet up on Friday or Saturday!

6 thoughts on “Making Plans for Texas State Genealogy Conference

  1. Thanks for the advice on Mark Lowe. I'm now more excited to learn from him. I hear you about it being Halloween weekend. My daughter said I had to dress in my costume on the Saturday of the conference. She played the, "You'll be making family history" trump card. So… for my daughter I will (or at least for the second half of the day. I have to leave early to make it home in time for the festivities with the family. So, Halloween weekend is a bit tough.

    Make plans for 27 February 2016. The Summerwood Family History Conference will be held in Northeast Houston once again. I know you had wanted to come last time.

  2. Amanda! How exciting. Perhaps I'll see you in the deeds class. Where can we investigate the syllabus before deciding? That's a great tip. If you'll send me your phone number using the email form in the side bar, I'll call you so we can meet up on Friday!!!!

  3. Well yay Devon! I will be at this conference as well. I get to skip work Friday to attend that day, so I need to do some sessions most related to my work for the equivalent of at least one day. We are a repository for a number of county records, so I will be attending Kelvin's presentation on deeds on Saturday. Or at least that's my plan right now! I want to read more about the backgrounds of each speaker in the syllabus before deciding.

  4. Sorry for the delay getting back to you! I'll be staying with my 86/87 year old parents while at the conference, so will only be there 12:30-5:15 on Friday. But I will send my phone number and perhaps we can connect in a session or at lunch on Saturday. I would like to meet you!

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