21st Century Family Historian Wins TSGS Award

My friends at The Humble Area Genealogical Society encouraged me to enter my book, 21st Century Family Historian, in the writing competition sponsored by the Texas State Genealogical Society.

21st Century Family Historian Author
Devon holding her book at the TSGS2015 Conference

I submitted my book and wondered how things would play out and what the other entrants would be discussing. When I saw the table of entries, I was definitely of a different sort. Would that be an advantage or disadvantage?

During the conference, I spoke with several individuals about self-publishing through Amazon and CreateSpace. I love that I can have a professional looking quality book for relatively inexpensive upfront costs. Additionally, those companies handle all the sales, borrows, and returns for me. It's a great deal for a budding author.

TSGS Writing Award Entries
Writing Competition Entries. My little book is on the front row, nearly middle.

While looking for my book on the writing competition table, I noticed that many folks publish their entries through the comb bound method. For a little bit more time and perhaps an equivalent cost, they could have a soft or hard bound book from Lulu.com that begs to be read. After talking with other conference goers, I might need to develop a workshop on self-publishing (or at least a series of blog posts).

My book was submitted in the  Books by Non-Professional Historians - Reference category, as the only other non-professional option was 'Family History".

In my category were:

  • 1st Place: Forgotten Chapters of the American Revolution: Spain, Galvez, and Islenos by Rueben M. Perez
  • 2nd Place: Houston, Harris County, Texas: Mayors During the Republic of Texas, 1836-1846 and the Co-Founders, A Collection of Biographical, Death & Burial Information by Lynna Kay Shuffield. 
  • 3rd Place: 21st Century Family Historian by Devon Lee

The overall grand prize winner was: Red River County in 1890: The Year of the Missing Census by Johnnie Lee.

Thank you TSGS judges. I'm honored to be in this group of writers. I'm really glad that I entered this competition. I learned a lot and plan on submitting other projects in the future.

Pick up your copy of my award winning book 21st Century Family Historian through Amazon today!

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