I Don't Have Great Stories


How often have you or someone else said, 'I Don't Have Great Stories." Truth be told. You're absolutely wrong.

The story behind the photo above is this: My now husband proposed to me under Albriton Tower on Texas A&M University Campus. It was the summer of notorious triple digit heat for days on end. I was working at the Dallas / Fort Worth Airport and had a weekend off. My plans were to leave work, pick up my boyfriend in College Station and then continue driving to introduce him to my parents in Houston. The trouble is that I only had two door air conditioning for the 4+ hour trek. Meaning, the actual a/c was out in my red Chevy S-10 extended cab pickup truck. The only way to say 'cool' was to leave the windows rolled down and a put a lead foot on the pedal.

My hubby had planned out a lovely proposal and had expected me to look hot, having just come straight from work. He hadn't planned on me stopping somewhere to change my clothes in order to endure the 100+ degree heat. I did look hot, but not the right 'hot.' Yet, his plans were in motion and I would just have to look like trash when he popped the question.

Now, I could go on and on about the intimate details and minute planning that went into the proposal. The short version is I did say yes and we were married. We have celebrated many happy years together. This is one of our family's 'great' stories that is often over looked. But, when I see this photo and look at my wedding ring, I remember the great story.

You may think you don't have great stories, but you're absolutely wrong. In fact, I dare say you're trying to hard to find your great stories. Read more about how wrong you are over at Americas Footprint. Then go capture some great memories when you're around family this weekend.

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