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Townsend Family Research
Previously I wrote about the success of finding a relative by using the One Name Place Study method.  Let's continue investigating the remaining Townsends in the 1880 US Census for Franklin County, Ohio. There are five left.

As you'll remember, I am in the process of investigating the Townsends of Franklin County, Ohio in an effort to find relatives of William James Townsend who was born around 1842 in Franklin County, Ohio.

The second of the final four is F Townsend born about 1835 in England, with parents originally from England. F is working as a Paper Box Maker.

F Townsend of Marion, Franklin County, Ohio
F Townsend of Marion, Franklin County, Ohio in 1880 US Census Record

Also in the F Townsend home, which was in Marion, Franklin County, Ohio, is his wife Emma Townsend who was born about 1850 in New York. Her parents may be from New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. They have two children living with them: Charles born 1873 in New Jersey and Sarah born 1879 in New York.

With the family primarily from the New England area and having had their last child born in New York in 1879, they had recently arrived in Ohio by the 1880 US Census remuneration.

William is originally from Ohio. Without a first name and a great uncertainty whether these Townsends stayed in Ohio, it's difficult to trace them further through the census records. I'm fairly confident that William and F (whatever his first name may be) are not closely related and thus I do not wish to attempt to research them further.

Is that bad? Is that not doing my due diligence? I'm not sure. I just have a strong hunch that more of my time is not necessary on this family but I hope others know who they are.

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