6 Reasons Why I'm Okay With Being A Little Behind Schedule

A Patient Genealogist Devon Noel Lee

Happy New Year!

Are you ready to roll? Did you do the Genealogy Do-Over, Do-Better, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks or simply started working on your tree in 2015? Have you chosen your project or challenge for this year?

For me, I barely crossed the finish line of the year known as 2015. It was a really great year in our family and in my family history research. I also taught at four new-to-me venues and have a number of opportunities in the works for 2016. I could recap 2015, but it's going to take me awhile before I can. You see, I'm a little behind schedule. I could lay out my goals for 2016, but once again, I'm a little behind schedule in making those plans.

Want to know a little secret? 

I'm okay.

In the past, I would start off the year with a road map of what I plan to blog about, research, and create. I would have the home schooling schedule ready to roll so I know when I can carve out time for genealogy. But I don't.

And, I'm okay with it because I have 6 really good reasons why I'm a little behind schedule.

Want to know what they are?

1. I finished a quilt for this little guy!

Not a moment too soon, I finished my
youngest son's quilt in time for Christmas
and added a Batman Iron-On for fun.

2. My in-laws came to town,
made treats with my kiddos,
then we gave them away!

Four of my kiddos making treats with their Grandpa
Two of the kiddos helping Nana pack goodie boxes.
Whew! This saved me from over eating all those yummy treats.

3. I attended the wedding of a friend from Iowa!

My friend from Iowa got married in Texas,
and I was fortunate enough to attend. She
married someone from a church I attended
when I was a little girl. She's married into
very, very good hands!

4. I went on an "Excellent!" Adventure with my hubby

Andrew and Devon Noel Lee back to the 80s
The hubby's office party theme was "Back to the 80s." We went
for the hard rock / glam band look. Doesn't Andy look great!?!
My daughter bedazzled my jacket and made the belt. She even
spray painted my old black boots purple. We rocked the night!

5. Spent many vacation hours playing games with the kids

My older kids wanted to play the game Cash Flow 101. They
learned some great principals of money and the importance of
managing debt as early as possible.
Cash Flow was too much for the little one, so we played
old school Aggieopoly, which is the Texas A&M version
of Monopoly. FYI... This began at 6:30 am, and yes,
he's wearing part of a Wolverine costume.

6. I celebrated Christmas with my brother and his family

For the first time in many, many years, my brother and I
jointly celebrated Christmas with our families. (I'm in the back
with the burgundy head scarf by the tree.) Snoopy made
an excellent baby Jesus! Mom would have loved this Christmas.

As family historians and genealogists, we often laugh at the memes that say we can't be social because we're hunting our ancestors. In many cases, I find there is much truth in those memes. Yet this past month, despite an amazing discovery, I made a lot of great memories with those that are living. I hope you were blessed with a wonderful end to the year 2015. If yours was heart breaking, I can empathize as I was in those shoes in 2012.

If you're running into 2016 a little behind schedule, it's okay! You probably had your own reasons for not being fired up and ready to go.

If you are running a little behind in 2016, even though it's barely just begun, please leave a comment below. I'd love to know that I'm not having a party of one.


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