Must Attend Class at RootsTech 2016

RootsTech 2016 is around the corner and many of the class options are intriguing. There are many classes for beginning genealogists and some for advanced users. One class that will surely be amazing is presented on Friday, February 5th at 1:30 pm and you'll want to be attendance.

For beginner to advanced family historians with some technological know how, have you taken time to edit your audio files? What is the condition of your interviews with ancestors or their musings with a tape recorder? In the interactive "Audacity and the Power of Audio Editing," we'll learn:
... how Audacity, a powerful free editing software, can be used to preserve your cassette recordings and create stories that your family wants to listen to and share with others. This class will teach some audio editing techniques that can improve the quality of your recordings and turn an interview into a collection of stories. The student will learn how to recognize what can be corrected with audio editing and what needs to be corrected before recording.

I received a sneak peek of this presentation and I'm ecstatic. You'll be amazed at the possibilities, the learning, and the presentation in general. Be sure to attend this class: RT2028.

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