The Piece That Ties It Together For Agnes Anderson

Agnes Anderson related to Robinson Sparks

Where I left off in the previous post, I had the possibility of connecting Agnes Anderson, my grandmother's birth mother to Amanda Sparks and her brother Robinson Peter Sparks and 5 additional family members. I had received a Find A Grave link, a 1870 Census record, and death records for R Peter Sparks and a brother George, and a newspaper tidbit about Agnes selling real estate to Robinson Sparks.

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Let me pause for a moment. I was reading and re-reading these discoveries and becoming more excited. But, the skeptic side of me raise a valid point.  Were these people really my family?

I don’t want to blindly accept someone’s research on faith. As I was reviewing Shelly's discoveries (a contributor to U.S. Midwest Genealogy Community on Facebook), I had a twitter in my stomach saying this was very plausible. Yet, I needed something that confirmed these convenient coincidences.

Shelly discovered the cap stone. She discovered an article in the Newark Advocate that further discussed the life insurance policy case, mentioned in the previous post. The news item states that Sarah Oetting was challenging Richard P Sparks over the beneficiary on behalf of Agnes’ daughter Marie Anderson.

Judge Moore Sustained, The Newark Advocate, 2 Jan 1923

Marie Anderson is the name of my Grannie Louise Long before she was adopted. I have seen the adoption papers stating this fact. I have also posted about Sarah Oetting putting up a guardianship bond for Marie Anderson. (see post here).

This one article connects Marie, Sarah, Agnes, and Richard P Sparks to the life insurance policy and the likely person named R P Sparks who served as informant on Agnes's death record. And, in reviewing the guardianship bond, once again there is the infamous R P Sparks. By the way, why couldn't this man use his given names on the court papers? Seriously?

This article said the R P Sparks on the guardian ship bond papers is likely the Richard P Sparks involved in the insurance lawsuit, as both documents involve Agnes Anderson's estate and her daughter Marie. Agnes's death record places R P Sparks in St Louisville, and Agnes sold property to an Robinson P Sparks of St Louisville a few months before her death. A death record and a gravestone says that a Robet (Robinson) Peter Sparks is buried in a St Louisville cemetery. All the variations could mean that there are two R P Sparks in St Louisville, but the evidence piling up is that these two names are for the same person and used at different times depending upon who is doing the reporting.

Additionally, a search for a Richard P Sparks in St Louisville in birth, marriage, death, and census records comes up empty. There are frequent listings for Peter Sparks.

In discussing newspaper articles with others, we've come to the conclusion that Richard is very likely Robinson. Newspapers have been known to report incorrect information and it's possible that the man known locally as Peter has different references for his first name in the newspaper. I also find situations where Robinson's name is recorded as Robert. Thus, the R seems regularly in question though Peter and St Louisville remain constant.

For now, I'm going to accept the theory that R P Sparks is Robison Peter Sparks (aka Richard P Sparks or Peter Sparks). Thus, according to the 1870 Census from Licking County, Ohio, Peter Sparks and Amanda Sparks are siblings. Thus R P Sparks is Agnes's uncle.

Oh my heck. by discovering the R P Sparks as an informant and the documents that Shelly found, my knowledge of Agnes's family expands. I go from doubting whether Agnes’ parents are Wm Anderson and Amanda Sparks to confirming these facts. I also have a good idea how they met. Then, by making the Amanda and Peter connection in St Louisville, I can add 5 additional family members from the 1870s to the tree of Agnes's family!

It's time to do a happy dance. Oh wait! I did a happy dance and made a video of it. Have you seen it? (Click here if you haven't)

Just when I think that's good enough and I want to praise Shelly's name on high, she drops another surprise on me.

Stay tuned.

This is the third in a multi-part series of posts on cracking through Agnes Anderson's brick wall. I'll link to all the posts when I'm done sharing them. It's pretty exciting!

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