Looking 5 Years Back

5 Years Ago at Patient Genealogy

Five. Ever wonder why five is such an important number? This year, I ran my first 5K. Surprisingly, it was rather fun. I had a terrific running buddy. And when I say running buddy, we started at the same time and he finished 7 minutes before I did. But, we've risen early each morning to prepare to run the whole thing. And I did and it felt great. I'm actually preparing for another one. I can see how this could get addicting.

A Patient Genealogist Runs 5K With Son
Me and My Running Buddy Pre-Race

But five years ago, I was doing something else other than thinking of the unimaginable image of me running anything more than after my children. I was making plans to turn my family history from charts and facts into stories and something my family can enjoy. I wrote about my plans briefly in the post Plans for Family History.

And guess what, I've created 5 keepsakes!

Heritage Scrapbook about Mom
1. The project that started it all... My Mother's Album

Heritage Scrapbook about Dad
2. An album featuring my deceased father

Heritage Scrapbook about Grandfather
3. An album for the Grandpa I never knew

Heritage Scrapbook about Grandmother
4. An album about the world's best Grannie
Heritage Scrapbook about Myself
5. The beginning of my own story

But I haven't stopped there. I have begun to tell the story of my 3x great-grandfather Joseph Geißler which I hope to edit and compile into a printed book by September.

Joseph Geißler Genealogy

 I have also written many other stories about my ancestors that are in the editing and additional research phase.

Looking back is worth the effort. I have a Genealogy Bucket a mile long and it can be so discouraging. Yet, when I look back at what I have accomplished. I smile. So, I think I'm going to go have a treat to celebrate!


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