Mystery Monday: SOLVED: Who is Bertha Schenck

Bertha Schenck Columbus, Ohio

Mystery Monday Solved (at least I think so)

I have someone in the family album that belonged to Maggie Geiszler (1861-1921, Columbus, Ohio) that I've been blessed to be the guardian of. Many of the photos have been identified, but several have not.

Above is a photo of Bertha Schenk. However, I'm not certain when that photo was taken. It is a very thick, heavy print so that should help me discover the date. However, I do have a photograph that helps me determine a few more details with which to do some research.
Bertha Schenk is Maggie Geiszler bridal party
Bertha as bridal party to my ancestor Magdalena Hoppe in 1882
This picture is part of a wedding party collection associated with the marriage of Henry Joseph Geiszler to Magdalena Hopppe on 3 Jul 1882 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio. That explains why Bertha was be in Maggie's photo album, she was her Maid of Honor.

So, Maggie and Bertha are likely about the same age. And, they're living in Ohio in the 1880s. So, I added these items to as I hoped to discover a City Directory about the 1880s or a census record from that time period for Bertha. Turns out, I did! And what's great about is that it has a box of "Suggested Records" to follow.

Sure enough, I discovered Bertha Schenk was born on Mar. 6, 1861 and died Mar. 14, 1939. She's the daughter of Jacob and Katarina Schenk, immigrants from Switzerland. In the 1870s, Jacob was a common laborer and Katarina worked at a garden nursery. In the 1880s, Bertha was a domestic servant (same as her friend Maggie).

She married Jacob Kuehner, also from Switerzland, and they have one son. They have four sons... Herman born in 1884, Arthur in 1886, Edgar in 1889 and then Raymond in 1896. I'm inclined to think this photo is either of Herman (the first born) or Raymond the last (as he's much younger than the others).

Mystery Kuehner child of Columbus, Ohio
Which Kuehner son is this darling?

Isn't it amazing that when you solve one mystery you discovery another?

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  1. It does feel good to check one mystery off the list. I love it when a new mystery results because then I feel like I' on the right track to learn more. Those dry spells always make me think I won't learn anything at all, that I've come to the end of the line.

    1. Thanks Wendy. I agree... I love learning more.

  2. Great job solving that mystery! Hopefully, family members will find your blog and these precious family photos!

    1. Dana... I couldn't agree more. I do hope to find Bertha's descendants.


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