Top Ten 10 Tombstone Photography Tips

Top Ten Tips for photographing gravestones

A great photo has the power to illicit deep emotions. A great grave stone photograph has the power to turn on the tear faucet and melt the heart.

You could got to a cemetery and snap a few photos for yourself or for a service like BillionGraves or FindAGrave without much thought or preparation. And your efforts would be appreciated. But it only takes a few moments to go from a photo like this:

Thomas and Emma Billman Gravestone
Photo taken by Devon Noel Lee

To a photo like this:

Benny and Constantina Susi Gravemarker
Photo taken by Devon Noel Lee

Here are 10 tips to help you take a photo more in line with the latter than the former.

  1. Make It Tidy
  2. Clean Off the Bird Droppings
  3. Educate Yourself on Gravestone Photography
  4. Solve Uneven Shadows
  5. Learn How to Deal with Decorations
  6. Take Yourself Out of the Photo
  7. Check Your Photos Before You Leave
  8. Transcribe On Site
  9. Learn the Power of Cropping
  10. Determine if You Should Post a Second Photo

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