My Indexing Contribution, Request for FS Engineers

Online genealogical databases do not function without some sort of indexing program in place, be it machine or persons. If we want to find records for our ancestors using search engines rather than in-person trips to far away libraries at great cost, we should serve as volunteer indexers.

After five years of being a volunteer, I have a decent number of records to show:

21,523 names indexed (4,300/ year)
18,551 names arbitrated (3,700 / year)

Truthfully, my activity level comes and goes as free time or interest is available. However, I have enjoyed the Family Search Indexing Pilot. I can't easily add those numbers into my indexing totals either.

To be honest, something else happened in he last five years which took my attention away from indexing. It was the ability to add photos, stories, and sources to FamilySearch Family Tree. Sadly, I have NO WAY of knowing what those statistics are. I'd love to see a celebratory number on my log-in screen for FamilySearch that says, "You're amazing. You've added ___ stories, ___ photos, and ____ sources to your family members! Thank you."

Perhaps if I could see that I've attached 4,300 sources to the tree then I would think twice about being a lackadaisical indexer. Perhaps I would commit myself to the challenge, for every 20 sources I attach to family search, I'll index 40 names (pay it forward plus).


  1. Great ideas! I hope FamioySearch will consider them. (And your indexing numbers look a mite better than lackadaisical to me! Bravo!)


    1. Thanks Melissa. I suppose those numbers aren't so bad, though my 2016 numbers are a drop in the bucket. Seriously! My youngest daughter is indexing circles around me!

  2. Yes, bravo! Indexing is something I need to commit to doing... I think it would be wonderful if we all set weekly, monthly, or yearly goals. We have been helped by others, and we should pass it on! Thank you for doing your part!

    1. Agreed. Perhaps we should start a community challenge of our own? Let's keep it small like... 20 names a month. That would be 100 names by the end of the year. We could have the 100 names club! I know that's pretty small, but by small and simple things can great things be accomplished!


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