Modern Genealogy Makes My Heart Sing

Modern Genealogy Makes Me Sing

Years ago, I traveled to Columbus, Ohio for a week long intense research trip to scan photo collections, meet cousins, photograph gravestones, and search in the Ohio State Archives.

One collection that I wanted to research was the naturalization records for my German immigrants who arrived in Franklin County, Ohio in the 1850s-1860s. Researching those records involved many hours multiple calls to the archive staff to locate the collection that would be most helpful and the call numbers. Then I spent hours searching my RootsMagic database to find all the German immigrants and traveling companions that fit this query for date and place.

Armed with my spreadsheet, film call numbers, and lots of hope, I made a trip to the library and relearned how to use the microfilm reader. I took photos of the records I discovered with my limited photograph skills, which made better images than the microfilm printer made. I returned home and began processing all of my discoveries.

The whole process was time consuming and so rewarding. But, I don't have opportunities to travel with out my five children to far away archives any more. I'm so happy that FamilySearch has made available online the naturalization record collection I long to revisit!!

Ohio Declarations of Intentions Now Online
Thank you FamilySearch for making the Ohio Declarations of Intentions available Online

Oh, I can't stop signing!!!!

I love those red words "Ohio, County Naturalization Records are available online, click here." 

Though my aunts, distant cousins, and fellow genealogy bloggers in Ohio would love to have me make the trip, I can get so much more done in my pajamas at home!

At this time, the collection is being indexed by volunteers so I still have to manually scroll through the files, but truth be told. I am okay with that. I know the advantage of using a search tool and browsing a collection.

This online collection calls for a Happy Dance!

Being a 21st Century Family Historian is Awesome.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I have (German) immigrants who moved to Ohio and I didn't know this was available online. :)


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