Capturing Personal History with Emberall

Emberall at RootsTech 2017

Capturing and sharing life stories has never been easier! Set up an account with Emberall and create a video in 30 minutes that lasts forever. RootsTech Innovator Top Five Finalist.

Emberall helps you “Record the Story of Your Life.” According to promotional material, Emberall captures interview clips, a question at a time, into albums. Then these clips are compiled into a life story video that you and your loved ones can view as a whole or in segments online or on your personalized DVD. What would cost around $2,000 for a professional service, now costs a fraction of the cost with Emberall!  

Each February, technology developers and entrepreneurs compete for $190,000 in prizes as they pitch their innovations in the genealogy industry to celebrity judges, industry influencers, and a live audience. If you have a great innovation, consider participating in RootsTech 2018. This website will recap the 2017 experience.

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Go and capture your family stories or the stories about you and your life. Emberall makes it easier.

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