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FamiCity Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Sharing memories with extended family members is the act of recording personal history. Technology has been a blessing and a curse. Yes, it’s easier than ever to share your precious newborn’s photos or to see your grandchildren who live 1,000s of miles away. But are these memories secure, private, and owned by you?

FamiCity spent 5 years researching and developing a multi-device platform that puts privacy first as users preserve their family legacies from the past and records current memories for future generations.

Don’t let the genealogy aspect of this site scare you. FamiCity debuted in France and was well with 150,000 users, the most active of which are young mothers with newborn babies. Don’t ever say you’re too busy to do family history. These women will prove you wrong!

Shh... Don't tell them it's Genealogy - Devon Noel Lee

On this site, you can interact and engage with the tech savvy rising generations! You will create a map of your family history, select who can view its content, and then invite family members to engage and build upon your memory submissions.

The FamiCity Experience

If you are interested in the service, be advised that they offer two levels of participation.

  • Free Accounts: You can upload text and photo
  • Premium Accounts: share videos, record audio, add DNA information, save documents. (Cost: $98 a year)
Information shared will be associated with profiles that display events on a timeline. You can even view a photo family tree for every profile you’ve created. 
FamiCity promises that your content is only shared with relatives you have invited. It can’t be searched or accessed by the public – just your family.
When you upload content to FamCity, you do not transfer ownership to the company, like other Social Media sites. However, you can choose to share information from your FamiCity account to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
All accounts can interact, comment, and send messages to each other in this ‘invite-only’ tree service. The site allows the import of GEDCOM files.  

Power of the Crowd

FamiCity was a semi-finalist in the Innovator Showdown at RootsTech 2016, and now they are running a crowdsourcing campaign through Kickstater.

No advertising appears on FamiCity, which is why it depends upon this fundraising campaign as well as Premium subscriptions.

Kickstarter supports who pledge $48 will receive  2-year membership (which normally costs $96 per year). As an added bonus, backers receive that $48 annual rate forever!  Additional incentives are offered for supporters who donate more. Click on this link to learn more: FamiCity Kickstarter Campaign.

In you’re interested in what is billed as “the next generation family photo album and history book in one,” subscribe to their service and add to the already 3 million ancestors that exist in the database. But remember, your tree stays private to your invited family members only. But, this isn’t a genealogy service. It’s a ‘legacy center’ for multiple generations to meet and share.

Unanswered Question

With all apps and services of this kind, I always have the same question. “How can I get my information out of this service? How can I save what has been shared with me?” I’ve submitted an email to FamiCity and I will pass along their answer once received.

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