Preserving Memories: An Event at A Time


Moms, Dads, and Grandparents alike have a big problem. They don’t make time for memory keeping! Yet, preserving our memories is a vital part of our health and wellness and fuels genealogy. Parents and married couples now have a faster memory keeping project that is also frugal!

An event book can enter around one special day in a child’s life or a recurring anniversary. The trick is to find a self-contained, already decorated keepsake that you simply add written words and photos too. Further, the project should have a small page count.

Wedding Anniversary Books

Wedding memory books abound, but few take the time to remember that marriage begins after the “I Do.” In fact, after a few years of matrimony, the bliss seems to have faded, but not if you take the time to remember the journey you have taken together. In so doing, you also create a genealogically valuable keepsake by only spending a few moments of time.

Mark your calendar for an annual look back at where you’ve lived, what the year’s highlights were, and add one photo of you and your spouse. That’s it. It’s not rocket science. It’s a photo, an address, and a few bullet point highlights. You can do this!

Our Wedding Anniversary Memory Book

My cousin has this book, which I’ll feature in an upcoming video on Family History Fanatics. I love seeing the way her hairstyles have changed over the years – including what she calls “Lion Hair!” This memory book sits in her office to pick up and reminisce or to quickly grab on her anniversary.

Sometimes this book iss difficult to find online, but a similar product is available at Amazon. Same concept, different front cover.

Why not step this project up a bit? On the even years, have one spouse complete the book. On the odd years, have the other spouse. 
Or, have a delectable dessert on your anniversary. Before you take a bite, you have to complete the written portion of the book. Talk about incentive!
Think about the little bullet points that trigger when you were in the house that had the water heater break in the middle of the night. Reminisce about the year you traveled to a new state with a new baby. Or, reflect on the hardest emotional years of your life and how together you pulled through.
Anniversary books are a quick and easy project to maintain. And if you’re just discovering this idea and several marriage celebrations have passed, you can play catch up.
Baby Books with a Twist

There are several reasons why parents rarely complete baby books. First, the book spans more than one year. Most 5-year keepsakes are rarely completed. Secondly, a new parent(s) loses their mind caring for the infant and can’t find time to keep up such a book. Or perhaps the child in question is a second, third, fourth, or subsequent child. Oh, those poor neglected children at the end of the birth order!

First Year Baby Memory Journal Book
+ Bonus Monthly Milestone Stickers
If you’re expecting a new bundle of joy, do yourself a favor no matter which pregnancy you are on. Have a treasured mother, mother-in-law, sister, or other relative be the keeper of this book as their present to you. That’s right. Relinquish control over your baby’s first-year book to someone who has their sanity, has had sleep, or simply loves you to the moon and back!
Set a date weekly at first and then monthly as the milestones slow down. Tell your memory keeper all of the great things that are happening in junior or juniorette’s life and let them do the rest. Think of this gift as one that comes twice. The blank book at the baby shower and the completed book at your one-year old’s birthday!!!
My eldest daughter had a baby book. The second child has a partially completed baby book, and remaining three are lucky they have any photos in albums at all! However, I talked to my mother regularly during all of their infant years. She would have loved to helped me out if I wasn’t just a neurotic control freak. Sometimes, it’s best to cage that beast and let someone else lend a hand.

Amazon has a wide assortment of first-year memory books. Just remember, only purchase the keepsakes that span only one year. Avoid the five-year ones like the plague!

Childhood Milestones

Some events in childhood are one-day affairs. Sure there are days and weeks of planning, but the event is done and over in one day. These events are perfect for memory keepers who a project with a few simple pages to complete. The beauty of these event books is that your child is old enough to handle much of the memory keeping themselves! Sweet!
My Baptism Memories – Keepsake

If you have a single event in a child’s life like baptism, communion, or bar mitzvah, there are plenty of such books on Amazon. Add keepsake book to your search terms to narrow the results to books.

Click above to see a completed baptism book!

But childhood also has anniversary just like a wedding anniversary. The annual “Last Day of School!” Celebrate the end of a year and take one day to go out for ice cream or sticky buns. Then grab a pen and record a few memories. When you’re done, head home and select your child’s most favorite, hardest grade earned, and award certificates and tuck them in the pockets of this book.

Slip in a copy of the annual school photo, and you have that year’s memories captured in half a day or less! (Then when the kids go back to school. Take the school papers and artwork they brought home and didn’t save and toss them. I know I’m a homeschooling momma, but my friends who school their kids at public and private schools know the sweet pleasure of toss the school papers! Freedom!)

If you’re not a journaler or scrapbooker, there is a solution to your memory keeping challenge. Use event books! Purchase them, place them on a shelf of prominence, set a reminder on your calendar and have fun. In no time at all, you can fit memory keeping into your busy life and be guilt free! Hooray

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If you have other event books that we should know about, leave them in the comment section below! 

Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee is passionate about capturing and preserving family stories so no one alive today has to be researched, or forgotten, tomorrow. She has authored 6 how-to books, a memoir, two published family history biographies, and over 60 family scrapbooks. She's an enthusiastic speaker who energizes, encourages, and educates at the same time.

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