Momma Is Calling Via Find-A-Record

Find A Record Cleans Up FamilySearch

As you spend time on FamilySearch Family Tree, you'll so recognize the tree needs a lot of pruning for it to become healthy and vigorous. There is an app and web tool that helps us find spots on the the tree that need a little tender loving care. So, get your gardening sheers ready and let's dive deep into Find-A-Record, the resource that searches FamilySearch and it's source hints to return results of records that exist in the place and time of our ancestors! And that's not all.

Find-A-Record Record Hints
Click on the details button to learn more.

 I logged into Find-A-Record, and I was shocked to see the first entry. That's my mother. I have her death record. I don't need to find the death record. What in the world could be going on?

Find-A-Record Tips
Find-A-Record tells me how to resolve the problem. 
 I really like how Find-A-Record provided search strategies for addressing the issue. I should review the data in FamilySearch Family Tree. I should use the links below or a Chrome Extension to track down possible records online.
Find-A-Record Repository Links
Find-A-Record provides links to online repositories.
If these tips aren't successful, Find-A-Record told me where else to look for help in the previous screen. In this case, I signed my mother's death record and have a copy at my home. I was so prideful, I said, "I'll fix this in a jiffy!" I went to the FamilySearch Memories section of my mother's page and proceeded to click through my genealogy files to upload the file.


Yep. Since mother's death, I forgot to do something important. I forgot to scan her death record. I had the certificate in our safe and shook my head as I retrieved it. I'm a terrible genealogist if I'd forget to digitize my own mother's record that I SIGNED! Gesh.

Add a document as a source on FamilySearch
My mother's document section of FamilySearch was missing her death record.
Thankfully I have a scanned and no how to use it. While the kids were working on their home school assignments, I took over the scanner and resolved my neglect. Sorry, Momma! I love you.

Uploading Documents to FamilySearch Memories
Uploading Original Documents from Family Files to FamilySearch Memories
After uploading the document to FamilySearch, I tagged mom and her parents as they're listed on the record. Then I reviewed Mom's causes of death: bradycardia, cardiogenic shock, pulmonary edema. pneumonia, and myocardial infarction. Poor mom! She had been in ICU for several days, something that didn't seem apparent on this death record. She died in the hospital after my brother had left said hospital for a good night's sleep at home and while I was driving back to Cedar Rapids after my mad dash to see her when she was admitted. Those details don't appear on the record. I'll have to add that story to FamilySearch. Once again. I failed as the family genealogist. 

Adding a Memory as a Source on Family Search

I really love that FamilySearch allows you to create your own source entry and now allows for attaching the images from the Media Gallery to the source. A place for everything and everything in its place!

Find-A-Record Research Opportunity List
The list is one problem longer!
After returning to Find-A-Record I had two options, I could mark the item as fixed or refresh the browser. I refreshed, and Mom's task was no longer on the list. There are still more pruning activities for me to do on FamilySearch before I can attach the record hint section, but I'm thankful that this source helped me out.

I think my mother is chuckling in heaven right now while I eat a dose of humble pie. Never believe that you have your research all caught up. You'll be surprised what you've overlooked.


  1. Excellent post--thanks for the step-by-step directions, with a bit of humor. Much appreciated!


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