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Lost Photos of Gary George Ladue Grandparents

As many of you know, I live in Houston (and actually grew up here). Hurricane Harvey beat us to a pulp when he visited the Gulf Coast, but we shall rise again. However, I have need of your help. I have found two photos that I'd like to return to their descendants but I have little to go off of.

While mucking out home, Andy discovered two photos in mint condition. The fact they survived flood damage is a miracle. However, we know very little about the photos besides this:
  • Photos of Gary Labdue or LaDue'
  • Gary George Labdue or LaDue died March 2017 probably in Houston

That's it. That's all we know. Not much to go on. However, miracles happen and we'd love your help tracing the possible grandparents.


If you want to help me restore these photos to Gary George's relatives, please do a little digging. Practice your living relatives research and then share what you've found in the comments section below. When we collectively find the rightful owners, I'll share the updates in a future post and then send these photos to the family.

Click to tweet this photo to help relocate family members.

BTW... This is a good time to remind you to LABEL your photos. A few names and dates would help us so much in this situation. You never know who will wind up with your photo collection, so LABEL, LABEL, LABEL. 

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  1. I think the name is Gary George Ladue (not Labdue). Using,, and Spokeo, I found that Gary George Ladue would be 71 (born about 1946) and was associated with the following locations: Richmond, TX, Houston, TX, Utica, NY, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Lake Worth, FL. Gary G. Ladue appears in's Public Records Index, Vol. 2, with a birthdate of 7 Aug 1946, and living in Fort Lauderdale, FL (one entry) and Lake Worth, FL (another entry). This is the easy part - anyone else want to take it from here?

  2. Look here:

    I sent her an email with your link, Devon. We'll see if she responds.

    I'm also doing photo rescue from Harvey, but for a dear friend whose apartment flooded. We're rescueing and scanning what we can. Everyone helps someone and we will rebuild. #HoustonStrong

    PS - went to your most recent writers workshop at Clayton - good job!!!



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