Have You Updated Your Contacts?

Update Your Family Contact Lists

Are you a Christmas card sender? I know I am. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone who’ll have a panic attack, but Christmas will be here before you know it. So it’s time to update your mailing list.

If you’re not a card sender during holiday, today is a great day to updating your family contact list. As you update that list, you’ll be doing family history! Woot-woot.

Christmas card sending often involves the older generation. I got! It it fading tradition that out most people don't like. They don’t want to deal with the hassle of taking a photo or select a card, addressing all the envelopes, or dare I say, write the annual family update letter. However, the holiday card mailing tradition is a great way to update your family contacts.

Many of the people you send Christmas cards to are your extended family members. Some of your extended family members are not on social media. Ahh! Eek! Shocker, I know.

One way you can check the address is to contact your friends and family through social media. But, if your contact is not online, then check out the White Pages. You’ll probably have to pay a fee to get the actual address but it will help you update your records

When you update your address lists to determine where your extended family members are living, you may discover that someone has passed away, become divorced, or had another child. Whatever you discover, you can quickly add these tidbits to your genealogical record collection. If a relative has passed, you can request a copy of their obituary and death records to add to your filing system, since you are THE family historian.

This post is intentionally short becuase it's Labor Day in the USA and I'm partying with the kiddos! Also, if you're not reading a lengthy blog, you can go update your family contact list, regardless of whether you’ll be mailing cards out in December!

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