Can You Keep Your Same Named Relatives Straight?

Separating Same Named Individuals Genealogy Webinar

Some individuals with similar names have been combined, crossed and muddled over time. Who do you know which Charles is which?

 Are you bound to be hopelessly bogged down trying to decide if it's Charles Smith the dentist or Charles Smith the plumber? What if your two Charles relatives have wives with the same names and children of similar ages and monikers? Will it be pointless to untangle the mess?

Melissa Finlay will help you learn how to differentiate between same-named people using a composite of time, place, family members, occupation and other unique identifiers. Melissa will present her class during the Back 2 Research eConference on 23 September 2017.


The eConfernece will start at 8:30 am CST and end at 4:00 PM and will feature Melissa, along with 3 other presenters. The best part of this conference is the live chat feature during Melissa's presentation and during a 5th-hour live panel discussion with conference participants.

For complete conference schedule and class details, visit

Other topics include:


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Cost: $15
Date: 23 September 2017 (live)
24 September - 23 October 2017 (replay)

If you can not attend live on 23rd September, you can watch the replay for up to 30 days and still have access to handouts. You must register before the event starts.

To register visit, and click on the REGISTER NOW buttons. You'll pay with PayPal first and then complete the final Webinar Jam registration page.

Genealogy eConference for Hurricane Harvey Flood Relief


Members of The Humble Area Genealogical Society had the flood waters from Hurricane Harvey damage or destroy their homes. Our conference was originally going to use proceeds from this conference to help our chapter's preservation efforts. However, our board feels the funds donated will best serve our community best by helping the impacted society members recover.

As such, this eConference will give 50% of each registration to the relief of these members. Register today and provide aid.

Melissa Finlay

About Melissa Finlay:

Melissa is a genealogist, entrepreneur, mama to 7 fantastic children, and wife to the love of her happily-ever-after.  She received a BA degree in Family History-Genealogy from BYU. She has been researching her own family lines for over 26 years, and teaching others for nearly 20 years.

Melissa has presented at the BYU Family History Conference, Family Roots Expo, and other local family history society meetings. She maintains two blogs: and

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