Are You Overwhelmed Digitizing Your Family History?

Do you have trunks in attics full of document papers videos and audio cassette that you haven’t preserved into ditto format yet? Then now is the time to get the job done! But what if you don’t know how to do the digitization or the thought of a DIY project sends you screaming and headed for the hills? Well, that’s when you can decide to outsource the digitization of your project. Here are four resources that are genealogically focused and can help you get the job done. Bye-Bye Overwhelm!

Larsen digital will digitize slides  In terms of the DPI that you want 2000 DPI will cost about $0.50 an image and 4000 DPI cost a little bit more. Negatives scanned at 2,000 GPI cost about $0.40 per image at 2000dpi and a gun a little bit more for 4000dpi. Reel-to-reel fans will cost in terms of per end so about $0.25 per inch for standard-definition video or $0.35 per inch for high definition video output. So if you have 50 feet of film which could be about 3 to 4 minute video it might cost you about $15. 4 videos that are on TV. 4 VHS tapes converted to a digital DVD it will be about $15 if you want to convert that to an mp4 it’s about an extra five bucks so about $20 will give you both format that DVD and a MP4 that you can play with your family movies.

Larsen digital 4 office scan your photos convert your audio clips cassette tapes and various other digitization that you need be sure to give them a call at  800-776-8357 Email:


If you are if ExtremeGenes radio podcast, and then you will know about Tom Perry at TMC, The MultiMedia Center in Utah. Visit their website at to get contacts and details about what they do. They’re very similar to Larsen digital in the services they provide in an a la carte pricing strategy. It doesn’t matter if your material is moldy or damage, TMC can help you out but be warned there will be a higher price for such items. If you have no where else to turn, turn to Tom and his staff.

What’s also great about Tom, is that if he can help you find a local service provider that meets his standard of quality, then he will refer you locally if you don’t happen to live in Salt Lake City, Utah. That’s a great advantage, so give them a call at 801-483-1716.


Legacy Republic has a digitization system that different than individual pricing they give you a box and you feel it with the items that you need to be scanned and when the box is full that is what you get and so for $100 you can put in four items. A VHS counts as one item. A mini DVD is one item. A reel-to-reel film may count as  one or two items depending on the size.  50 slides counts together as one item, as do 50 photos or 50 negatives. So you mix and match to create a combination of 4 of those items to but into your packaging mailer. For about $100 you can get all of that digitized.

With Legacy Republic, a local service provider will help you package your boxes to ensure that they are shipped safely and correctly. So if you’re worried about how to package your items that is a nice advantage.

When your box is filled, your local rep ship it off to the company. The company will then send you back a DVD as well as access to an online cloud storage system and then you can order additional products and services if you so desire.  contact Legacy Republic using their website  


Legacyboxis very similar to like a Supra public and not you fill a box with the items you want to the tide send it off to a company and then they send you back your digitized items. You get back and archival DVD or an optional thumb job drive for your storage items.  Legacybox offers a variety of different types of boxes that you can create for vet using a combination of item. What 1 tape is considered an item one film reel is considered an item apparently no matter the size. And 25 pictures is considered one item. you can also digitize audio tapes, slides, and negatives  as well.  A three-item starter box starts around $75. Visit their website at

If you want to give a fantastic birthday, anniversary, or Christmas present to somebody, then consider paying for the digitization of your family’s archive. If you want to know where to spend your time, money, and effort in your family history efforts, PRESERVE, PRESERVE, PRESERVE.

Just so you know, I don’t get a kickback from any of these services, but I certainly wouldn’t mind if I did. I just think they’re great and want you to preserve your perishable family history.

Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee is passionate about capturing and preserving family stories so no one alive today has to be researched, or forgotten, tomorrow. She has authored 6 how-to books, a memoir, two published family history biographies, and over 60 family scrapbooks. She's an enthusiastic speaker who energizes, encourages, and educates at the same time.

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