10 Important Preservation Classes You Should Attend at #RootsTech 2018

Preservation Classes at #RootsTech

While we climb our tree, it’s important to preserve what is in our homes and in our family collections. In fact, preservation is nearly as important, if not more so, than DNA! Additionally, preservation activities focus on accessing records in repositories and saving cemetery headstones. Every genealogist should be organizing and preserving their heritage so that it’s available and accessible for the next generation. Add one of these  RootsTech classes to your itinerary.

Be advised there are no preservation specific classes on Saturday, so you’ll want to add the lectures earlier in the conference.

Wednesday 9:30 AM Access & Preservation
Wednesday 1:30 PM Downsizing with Family History in Mind
Wednesday 3:00 PM Connect families through family history
Thursday 11:00 AM Every Stone Tells a Story: Cemetery Preservation
Thursday 11:00 AM Photo books breathe life into your family history
Thursday 1:30 PM Day One: Capture Life as You Live It
Thursday 3:00 PM Preserving Family History in Fun & Modern Ways
Friday 11:00 AM
Using the Internet Archive: a Treasure Trove of books, film,
web pages & more
Friday 3:00 PM How Not to Leave Your Genealogy Behind
Friday 3:00 PM You Can’t Take It With You: Your Genealogy Tomorrow
Friday 4:30 PM Preserving and Accessing Your Digital Stuff

* Please note class times are subject to change or cancellation.


Downiszing + Genealogy at #RootsTech

Andy & Devon are team-teaching the class on Wednesday afternoon. We’ll make the process of reducing what you have in your home while preserving your family history a fun and engaging first-day workshop!


On Friday at 3 PM, Amy Johnson Crow’s class “How Not to Leave Your Genealogy Behind” will be streamed via RootsTech.org.   Amy is a top-notch instructor and has been a part of a Family History Fanatics eConference in September 2017. In that class, she gave specific strategies for discovering female ancestors. Amy delivers high-quality presentations so I’m excited her class will be streamed! 


For those on the getting started track, you have a preservation class so you won’t be left out of this important topic. 

Getting Started Track
Friday 11:00 AM Accessing and Preserving your Digital Stuff



To review previous tracks, visit:

If you don’t find a class during an hour that appeals to you, be prepared for mini-classes in the Expo Hall to fill the void. Stay tuned and we’ll keep this month of RootsTech madness going!!!

Be sure to stop by our booth in the Expo Hall to register for our drawings, purchase one of our books, or just say hello to your fellow Fanatics! Stay tuned to our Meet & Greet schedule including many of your favorite genealogists!

You’ll also want to play the GBA.Buzz Scavenger Hunt Game for a chance to win.

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