19 Tech Track Classes at #RootsTech 2018

#RootsTech 2018 Tech Classes

Okay, okay! These classes would fit into many of the previous class categories, but it’s interesting many of these were categorized as ‘tech’ in the filters on the RootsTech schedule page. I also threw in some others that fall into the ‘tech’ category, though many other class offerings fit the bill.

I do love the five hot topics that are offered at this conference as they relate to technology and genealogy: privacy, copyright, and the hottest topic “Open Death Records Initiative.”

Hot Topics
Wednesday 1:30 PM The Open Death Records Initiative
Wednesday 1:30 PM Picture This! Images We Can Freely Use
Friday 4:30 PM Digital rights and online privacy. Do you know the truth?
Friday 4:30 PM Personal Security and Privacy
Saturday 3:00 PM Online ≠ Free: Copyright Issues for Genealogy
Social media
Thursday 11:00 AM Pinning the Past
Friday 1:30 PM Get ‘Twitterpated’ with Twitter for Genealogy
Friday 3:00 PM Social Networking for Genealogists
Tech Round Up
Wednesday 11:00 AM Translation & Transcription Tools for Genealogy
Wednesday 11:00 AM Using MyHeritage to Drive Genealogical Discovery
Thursday 11:00 AM Mapping tools—The Geo-Referencing Revolution
Thursday 4:30 PM Genealogy Tools & Technology Roundup
Thursday 4:30 PM Living on Cloud 9: Genealogy Beyond the Binder
Friday 3:00 PM Animating the Journey of Ancestors with Animaps
Friday 1:30 PM Become Tech Savvy 4 Seniors
Friday 3:00 PM Customizing Ancestry to Meet Your Needs
Friday 3:00 PM Using Geo-Tech Tools to Answer Research Questions
Saturday 1:30 PM Reconstruct Your Ancestor’s World with Google

* Please note class times are subject to change or cancellation. 



Thomas MacEntee, an energtic speaker who has helped Devon with her boot camps this year, will be teaching a high definition genealogy class on translation and transcription tools! You’ll want to take advantage of this tech heavy class.


On Thursday at 3:00 PM, you can take the Becoming a Tech Savvy Senior.

Don’t feel like you don’t have enough tech classes on the Getting Started Pass. For the most part, when you’re getting started, you’re classes should be focused less on tech and more on research and preservation with tech. Just our recommendation after working with so many beginning genealogists.


The LABS listed below are available if you pre-register and pay an additional fee per class beyond your registration.


Wednesday 11:00 AM (LAB) Story Telling for Posterity with Podcasting
Wednesday 3:00 PM (LAB) Dropbox Basics
Thursday 1:30 PM (LAB) Story Telling for Posterity with Podcasting
Friday 1:30 PM (LAB) Dropbox Basics

These classes are not part of the Getting Started or Discovery Day registrations. If you are interested in attending them, you’ll need a full Roots Tech pass.

Animaps Class at #RootsTech


There are ten days until RootsTech 2018 begins. Hope you’ll be able to map out the class schedule that best fits your needs.  Navigating the 300+ classes and labs can be challenging, hopefully, this 17-day blitz can help you make your plans!!!

To review previous tracks, visit:

Be sure to stop by our booth in the Expo Hall to register for our drawings, purchase one of our books, or just say hello to your fellow Fanatics! Stay tuned to our Meet & Greet schedule including many of your favorite genealogists!

You’ll also want to play the GBA.Buzz Scavenger Hunt Game for a chance to win.

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