13 Collaborative Track Classes at #RootsTech 2018

 Collaboration Classes at #RootsTech

According to Dictionary.com, collaboration is "the act working with someone to produce or create something." Noted genealogist D Joshua Taylor companions collaboration between genealogy societies and researchers to move the work of family history forward at a rapid pace. It's no surprise that twelve classes at RootsTech 2018 are focused on genealogy being a team effort.

If you want to learn how to be a part of a team or build one, check out these classes available to registrants for the RootsTech conference:

Wednesday9:30 AMCollaborate to Build & Research A Tree on Ancestry
Wednesday9:30 AMFamily Lore: The truth and power behind our myths
Thursday1:30 PMCollaboration Without Risk
Thursday1:30 PMHoarder to Order: A step-by-step family record rescue
Thursday3:00 PMFamilySearch Wiki: Key to Solving Research Problems
Friday11:00 AMCollaborative Town Projects
Friday1:30 PMCollaboration - Families, Associations, Etc.
Friday1:30 PMRelative Race Takes on Washington DC
Saturday11:00 AMTranscribing the Freedmen’s Bureau
Saturday1:30 PMTop Tips for Collaboration Through Ancestry
Saturday3:00 PMDivvy Up the Family Tree: A Hat for Everyone
* Please note class times are subject to change or cancellation.

Two additionally classes fit the collaboration theme and are available to only Getting Start Pass holders:

Thursday11:00 AMCollaboration: A Hat for Everyone
Friday1:30 PMPin the Past

* Please note class times are subject to change or cancellation.

Relative Race Class at RootsTech

There is a cool class for those who love Relative Race and reality TV, check out the class on Friday at  1:30 and learn more about the show and it's partnership efforts.

Navigating the 300+ classes and labs can be challenging, and we're only on Day 2 of the available class tracks. Start planning ahead, and checking out the syllabus. Don't attend a class that will waste your time. You can often judge a class by its outline.

To Review Additional Classes, view:

If you don't find a class during an hour that appeals to you, be prepared for mini-classes in the Expo Hall to fill the void. Stay tuned, and we'll keep this month of RootsTech madness going!!!

Be sure to stop by our booth in the Expo Hall to register for our drawings, purchase one of our books, or just say hello to your fellow Fanatics! Stay tuned to our Meet & Greet schedule including many of your favorite genealogists!

You'll also want to play the GBA.Buzz Scavenger Hunt Game for a chance to win. 

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