13 Organizing Classes and Labs at #RootsTech 2018

Organization Classes at #RootsTech 2018

Organizing is the necessary evil of genealogy. We accomplish more when we use systems to keep track of our discoveries. We also ensure that our efforts aren't wasted if we ever become incapacitated or unable to continue climbing our trees. Add one organization class or lab to your Roots Tech class schedule. Be advised, there aren't any organization classes on Saturday or in the Getting Started Track.

Wednesday1:30 PMDownsizing with Family History in Mind
Thursday1:30 PMGoogle Photos: Collect, Organize, Preserve & Share
Thursday4:30 PMLiving on Cloud 9: Genealogy Beyond the Binder
Friday11:00 AMGetting Organized One Paper at a Time
Friday3:00 PMHeritage Travel: To Grandmother’s House We Go(ogle)
Friday3:00 PMHow I Built My Own Brick Wall
Friday4:30 PMOrganizing Genealogy Research Using Archival Ideas

Downiszing + Genealogy at #RootsTech

Andy & Devon are team-teaching the class on Wednesday afternoon. We'll make the process of reducing what you have in your home, while preserving your family history, a fun and engaging first-day workshop!

In addition to workshops, there are six hands-on computer-based labs available. Remember these classes cost an additional fee beyond your regular registration.


Wednesday11:00 AMOrganize decades of family heritage on your phone!
Thursday11:00 AMUsing Evernote to Capture Notes and Ideas
Thursday11:00 AMMetadata Magic: Controlled Vocabulary to Taxonomy
Friday3:00 PMOrganize decades of family heritage on your phone!
Saturday1:30 PMUsing Evernote to Capture Notes and Ideas
Saturday1:30 PMMetadata Magic: Controlled Vocabulary to Taxonomy
* Please note class times are subject to change or cancellation.

Stay tuned for more!

If you don't find a class during an hour that appeals to you, be prepared for mini-classes in the Expo Hall to fill the void. Stay tuned, and we'll keep this month of RootsTech madness going!!!

Be sure to stop by our booth in the Expo Hall to register for our draws, purchase one of our books, or just say hello to your fellow Fanatics! Stay tuned to our Meet & Greet schedule including many of your favorite genealogists!

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