Month: February 2019

RootsTech 2019 Keynote Predicitions

What will the Keynotes Say? #RootsTech 2019

By Caleb Lee RootsTech 2019 is a short time away and it will be packed with classes for those at home and in Salt Lake City. Let’s have a little fun and try to predict what the keynote speakers will talk about. What will Steve Rockwood say? Steve Rockwood is the CEO of FamilySearch and has been […]

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Wrong Town Name in Genealogy
Genealogy 101
Genealogy 201

What to do when the town name is wrong?

Viewer Question: What do you do, when researching an ancestor, and you find his birthplace listed as a certain town that you know for a fact the town was not even established till a good 20 years or so after their birth? When researching your family history, you will run into errors and you have […]

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RootsTech of Years Past

A Look Back to Plan Ahead for RootsTech 2019

Since 2011, RootsTech has taken place in Salt Lake City, Utah and has grown from a 3,000 person event to a 15,000 person plus live event with many more attending virtually. 2019 will likely be another mega event with new viewing options for those who can not attend in person. Before we get to the […]

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Ancestry DNA Ethnicity Update

A Look at AncestryDNA’s Ethnicity Updates

If you’ve looked at Ancestry recently, then you may have noticed that your ethnicity results have changed. Does that mean that you’ve changed as well?

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A Journey to Belonging - RootsTech Film Fest

A Journey to Belonging – RootsTech Film Fest Entry

With the theme of “Connect. Belong.,” Devon Noel Lee created a touching entry from the 2019 RootsTech Film Fest and made the semifinal round. To advance to the final round and potentially win a trip to her ancestor’s homeland, she needs your support. There are three categories: Youth, Amateur and Professional. There are 7 youth […]

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Trying to Date This Photo
Photo Friday

Photo Friday: Wish I Could Date This Photo

I received a photo album from my father’s cousin with photos that have been hidden for 20+ years. (Read more here) I’m not trying to date the photos in the collection, such as this one. This photo is new to me. I can quickly identify the older couple as George and Evaline Geiszler of Columbus, […]

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