Mystery Monday – Basler

Who is this man? The name written under his photo is Basler. But it’s hard to decide what’s written in front of his name. This picture was found in a photo album held by the recently deceased Margie Geiszler Wasson. The album contains photos of Caroline Mack Geiszler Billman, Henry and Margie (nee Hoppe) Geiszler, and Conrad and Lizzie Grener.

Currently, I don’t have any established connections to this gentleman. I don’t really know when this photograph was taken. It’s possible that this man was a family friend or a Godfather. I do have one photo in this album that fits that bill. Sadly, the family members who would know why this picture is in the album have passed away.

So… this photo is open to the internet as a Family History mystery to be solved.

Mystery Monday is a daily blogging prompt from GeneaBloggers, the genealogy community’s resource for blogging. It is used by many genealogy bloggers to help them tell stories of their ancestors.

3 thoughts on “Mystery Monday – Basler

  1. Can you scan and post it again, focusing more on the name? The bottom of it appears to be cut off a little. But based on what I can see, it looks like it says "love Charles." But again, I can only see the top half of the words. 🙂

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