Wedding Wednesday - Robert and Clementina Zumstein

Victor and Clementina Comfort Wedding Photo
Victor married his childhood sweetheart Clementina Comfort, who at that time was teaching public school in Smithville Ont. Her engagement ring was said to have cost $100. They were married under a pear tree at the home of Alonzo Comfort.

This photo is such a treasure. I've posted before how I've had to have Patience and Courage in Genealogy. The above picture is an example of having patience and courage. Victor and Clementina are my father's grandparents. My grandma Helen Zumstein is their daughter. Grandma Helen had numerous pictures lining her home in Ohio of her ancestors. She loved sharing stories about these relatives. Unfortunately, I didn't share the interest when I was 7. Sadly, she had a stroke with resulting dementia when I was ready to pursue the family history.

It's a long and sad story, but suffice it to say, when Helen was in a nursing home, her family pictures seemed to have been lost to the times. Perhaps the state of Ohio has a collection of unclaimed family artifacts waiting to be discovered. Regardless, I never thought I'd have more than one picture of my great-grandparents.

In March, I called upon a niece of Helen's who lives in Ohio. Cousin Molly was insanely nice and the next day, she filled my inbox with 30+ pictures of Helen, her siblings, her nieces and nephews, as well as her parents and grandparents. Not only is this Wedding photo awesome and the couple so handsome, the picture is a priceless treasure for me because of the story in how I received a copy of it.

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  1. That's great that you got some more photos :)


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