Talented Tuesday - David Geiszler's Art

My brother has had a gift for art that I've just never been able to acquire. Even though I focus primarily on ancestors, I just visited his family and I thought I'd pay tribute to him.

Here's a sample of his artwork. It's the team logo from his High School in Texas.
I'm fairly certain the letters were done in stencil (David had terrible handwriting) but the bear was done in free hand. Thanks to David's art ability, I got an A on an assignment for one of my English classes in High School. We were supposed to submit a drawing about some book. David's picture was AWESOME. I so wish I still had a copy of that picture. (Still don't know why I had an assignment for drawing a picture in English, but I digress).

Anyway, artistic do appear in my family. Unfortunately, I don't have samples of their work. My mother won awards at the Ohio State Fair for latch hook rugs. They were 1970 red and orange, so I didn't appreciate them, but that's still pretty cool. Elizabeth Long (1890-1992) creating numerous tatting and water color pieces in the 1980s. She even sold a few. She passed a few water color paintings to her nieces (she never had any children). I wish I could see a sample some day.

I'm still uncovering more talented artists in both sides of my family. I'm thankful that my daughter has a budding artistic ability that seems to have passed me by. She's carrying on a great family tradition.

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